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The white wine is light and sparkling and is characterized by its balance of fine acidity and fruitiness. It is the ideal summer wine and should not be missed in a barbacue. Discover the best selection of White Wines .

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White wine

The white wine is light and sparkling and is characterized by its harmonious balance between fine fine acidity and fruitiness. It is the ideal summer wine and should not be missed at any party. White wine goes well with salads, fish and seafood, white meats and grilled dishes or simply as an appetizer. The great virtue of white wine is its versatility, as well as being the preferred choice for consumers around the world. , although red wine remains dominant in the market.

In the summer months, the consumption of white wine skyrockets because it is a fresh drink that can accompany all meals. You can find the right wine for your summer experience here at WinesDo, where in each wine you will find detailed information about the wines we offer at Wines DO

But even in winter it brings joy to the glass and finds its ideal taste buds in cheeses, cured hams, smoked salmon and poultry meats. It can be found on all tables, such as white wine, sweet wine or even sparkling wine.

In Roman times, winegrowers practiced the type of viticulture of the Greeks and this production already included white wine. Currently, there are many white wine producing countries, mainly in Europe, America and Oceania.

The white wine gets its fruity taste and its golden color from the white grape juice. Unlike red wine, it is pressed before fermentation so that the skin and / or seeds enter the wine. But not only white grapes are transformed into white wine. If you take red grapes and vinify them in the same way, you also get a white wine, but it is called Blanc de Noir. Champagne, for example, is usually made from black grape varieties, which are made in Blanc de Noir. The reddish color of red wine is found in the skins of red grapes: if the skins are removed, the grape must is golden.

The quality of white wines derives from four important ingredients such as grapes, climate, soil and elaboration. The composition of this group of elements offers a wide variety of nuances that differentiate one wine from another, in addition to wineries and vintages.
The different varieties of white wines are offered by the origin of the existing strains as well as the different production techniques used for the production, but also the ratio of residual sugar.
For example, the residual sugar of a dry white wine is less than 5 grams / liter; unlike sweet white wine, the existing residual sugar is 50 grams / liter.

The taste of white wine is fruity with a taste of white wine, nuts or raisins, but it can also have the aroma of pepper, nutmeg or vanilla. The taste of a white wine depends mainly on the grape variety, the terroir, the climate, the location, the microclimate, the climate and, of course, the vinification. A white wine can be dry or sweet. The category to which a wine belongs is determined by the value of residual sugar: - classic dry: maximum 4g / l of residual sugar - dry: maximum 9 g / l of residual sugar, maximum acidity 2g / l lower - semi-dry / off - dry: 9 - 18 g / l residual sugar, maximum acidity 10 g / l lower - sweet / semi-sweet: 18 - 45 g / l residual sugar - sweet: more than 45 g / l residual sugar White wines can be store in stainless steel or wooden boots. Just stop by and find the white wine that suits you best. Just buy it online and you will receive it directly at your home.

White wine is produced in all Denominations of Origin, although the D.O Catalunya, D.O Penedès, D.O Alella is where most of them are produced.

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